These cabin window shades are made of a fire resistant thermo plastic which is formed from sheets. They are totally light blocking and slide up and down inside a frame located between the sidewall panels and the aircraft skin. Personalized design, they are an excellent value for money .


These window shades are designed to match the window configuration and allow each passenger to manually adjust the light diffracting or light blockage of the window.

They can be of different types:

1. Roll up type

Fully light blocking shade material, rolling up onto a spool located above the window.

Used when a rigid window shade cannot be used for space reasons likeescape hatch windows. Other applications include maritime patrol aircraft windows, military aircraft, etc.

2. Pleated fabric window shades

Double pleated fabric which collapses either above or below the window.

When operated shade material can be light diffracting, or light blocking. Passengers can move the rail up and down directly or by operating a handle.


For added passenger convenience, the cabin window shade can be motorized. In such a design, a powerful, yet silent, electric motor will open or close the shade at the touch of a button.

This control button is located on the sidewall panel where it can be conveniently accessed by the passenger.

The crew, or the VIP passenger, can disable and override the windows individual controls and open, or close, all the aircraft window shades simultaneously.