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These window shades are designed the match the window configuration of a particular aircraft and will allow each passenger to manually adjust the light transmission or light blockage of the window.
They can be of different types:
  1. Pleated fabric window shades
In these designs, the screen is made of a double pleated fabric which collapses either above or below the window when the passenger operates the shade. The shade material can be light diffracting, or light blocking.
The color of the inside fabric can be selected to match the aircraft interior color and to enhance the overall appearance of the aircraft interior.
Typical applications include general aviation aircraft and mid-size business jets.
Many different designs exist. In some, the passenger moves the rail up and down directly. In some others, when the shade fabric is protected by a transparent glass, the passenger operates a handle located either above or below the window.
1. Roll up type
  In this design, the shade material is usually fully light blocking
 and will roll up onto a spool usually located above the window, between the lining and the aircraft skin. They are typically used for windows where a rigid window shade cannot be used for space reasons such as escape hatch windows. Other applications include maritime patrol aircraft windows, military aircraft, etc.
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